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The Order of the Ministers of the Infirm began in August 1582 when its Founder Camillus de Lellis had an inspiration to create a group of pious and good men who would serve the sick voluntarily and out of love for God, with the same love a mother has for her only sick child. In 1586, this group obtained the approval of Pope Sixtus V, and in 1591 Pope Gregory XIV gave it the status of an Order with the name ‘Order of the Ministers of the Infirm’, a name chosen by the Founder to indicate that his members should have Christ as their model, who said ‘I have not come to be served, but to serve and to give life’.

Today the Ministers of the Infirm are known throughout the world as Camillians. This Order is made up of priests and brothers who as religious have the same rights and obligations. The priests work mainly in the sphere of spiritual care for the sick and the brothers provide physical care. Besides the common three vows, the members of the Order take a fourth vow to serve the poor sick, even when they are infectious, even at the risk to their own lives. Faithful to this commitment, hundreds of Camillians have died serving the sick infected with plague.

vice province team

  • Fr. Baby Ellickal

    Vicar Provincial

    Fr. Baby Ellickal is the Vicar Provincial of the Ministers of the Infirm, India

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  • Fr. Bijoy Kuliraniyil

    Vice-Provincial Bursar

    Fr. Bijoy Kuliraniyil is the the secretary and the Vice Provincial Bursar

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  • Fr. Sojan Koonanickal

    in charge of Community & Spiritual Life.

    Fr. Sojan Koonanickal is appointed in charge of Community & Spiritual Life.

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  • Fr. Jaison Narikuzhiyil

    In charge of Formation and Vocation

    Formation & Vocation Promotion will be guided by Fr. Jaison Narikuzhiyil.

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  • Fr. Siby Kaitharan

    In charge of Ministry and CTF

    Fr. Siby Kaitharan is appointed in charge of Ministry.

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  • General Assembly

    22nd to 25th, October, 2015

    General Assembly 2015

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  • Regents’ Meet

    9th to 13th November 2015

    Regents’ Meet 2015

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  • Ministry Meet

    16th November 2015

    Ministry Meet

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  • Birthday: Fr.Bobit

    27th November 2015

  • Birthday: Fr.John K

    29th November 2015

  • Ordination Day: Fr.Sibi D

    29th November 2015

Camillian Task Force Updates

Kashmir Relief Activities

16th December 2014

CTF in collaboration with CARITAS India began the first phase read more

II Phase of Uttarakhand Relief Activities

16th December 2014

As part of the II phase of relief to the Uttarakhand read more

CTF Volunteers for Ebola Mission

8th December 2014

CTF team began its Ebola Mission read more

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Camillian Thoughts

  • Poor & Sick: St.Camillus Thoughts

    “The poor and the sick are the heart of God. In serving them, we serve Jesus the Christ.” St. Camillus De Lellis read more

  • Serving: St.Camillus Thoughts

    The sick we are serving will one day cause us to see the face of God. St. Camillus De Lellis read more

  • Sick

    Sick are our Lords and Masters. Hospitals are the mystical vineyard of the Lord. St.Camillus de Lellis read more

  • Heaven

    Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven. St. Camillus de Lellis read more

  • Commitment: St.Camillus Thoughts

    Commitment is doing what you said you would do, after the feeling you said it in has passed. Saint Camillus De Lellis read more

Camillian Video

The Heart of St. Camillus de Lellis

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