Upasana (Bangalore)

History and Background

Upasana, St Camillus Study House, is the formation house of Temporary Professed members of St Camillus Province India. The Sanskrit word Upasana means ‘to sit beside’. This house was inaugurated in 1990, though formation began here in December 1988. The major seminary formation till then was in rented houses in Koramangala, and later in Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore.

The very purpose of this house was to provide a suitable ambience to the candidates to sit near the Lord, contemplating the compassionate love of the Divine healer, and to impart the same love to the sick and the poor. Upasana has been a platform for the young Religious to imbibe spiritual energy and inspiration from the Merciful Lord. As this house was planned to be a common study house for all the students from different states, it stands as a unifying factor, connecting people of various languages and cultures. Upasana was also a Novitiate house till 1996. It has also served as Delegation house. Though initially it was meant as the study house for students of both theology and philosophy, later it was changed to be the formation centre for the theology students. 2020 onwards, both theology and philosophy are done under one and the same house, Upasana.

Upasana is a formation house where the temporary professed religious do their theological and philosophical studies at DVK. They pursue Bachelor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Theology, along with they dofollow Master Degree under Christ University, Bangalore. So Upasana is basically a formation community. Along with academics, students are guided to grow in the Charism and spirituality of the congregation and in human formation, basing on Gospel values. To experience the Charism in concrete situations, students are given opportunities to serve sick at varioushealth care institutes. In May 2021, students served COVID patients at St. Philomena’s and Martha’s hospital on voluntary basis. Snehadaan is one among the many centres where they serve HIV infected adults and children. The formator meets each student personally at least once a month and gives personal guidance and do follow ups. Holistic and personal formation of each student is the motto of the centre.

Forming the Temporary Professed Camillians in India in the comprehensive vision of St. Camillus De Lellis who selflessly followed ‘Jesus the Healer’ in dedicating his entire life for the sick, and visioning to promote an authentic Health Care culture for the country

The community is engaged in various ministries. The following are the ministries undertaken by Upasana community.
• Chaplaincy at St. Philomena’s Hospital
• Chaplaincy at St. Martha’s Hospital
• Sacrament of confession at Renewal Retreat Centre, St. Thomas Parish Church and St. Antony’s Friary Church
• Monthly Recollections
• Brothers engage in regular ministry at Snehadaan, Sneha Care Home and Swanthana

Fr. Joy Inchodikaaran ,Superior & Rector
Fr. Jobin Anchupankil & Administrator
Fr. Tinto Valamparakal , Chaplain, St. Martha’s Hospital

Upasana, St. Camillus Study house
P.B. No. 2913
Dharmaram College P.O., Balaji Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka – 560029,
Phone: 080 – 26681351/51116917

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