Vocation Camp

05 May to 07 May 2024

The Vocation Camp at St. Camillus Seminary in Mananthavady, held from May 5 to May 7, 2024, saw the enthusiastic participation of 13 boys. Among these participants, 8 had completed their SSLC Examination, while the remaining 5 had completed the 9th grade. This camp was a significant initiative, particularly designed to introduce the boys to the life and mission of the seminary.

The event was greatly supported by fathers and brothers from different communities, who contributed their time and effort to ensure the camp's success. Their presence and guidance were invaluable in creating a welcoming and informative environment.

Over the course of three days, the boys engaged in a variety of activities. They participated in prayers, attended educational classes, and enjoyed a range of fun games and other recreational activities. These diverse experiences provided a balanced mix of spiritual enrichment, learning, and entertainment.

The boys appeared to have a wonderful time, finding the camp both enjoyable and enriching. Overall, the vocation camp successfully achieved its goal of enlightening the young participants about seminary life, leaving them with positive and memorable experiences.

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