St. Camillus Nivas

St. Camillus Nivas: A Camillian Seminary for Candidates from Northeast India

St. Camillus Nivas is a seminary run by the Order of the Ministers of the Infirm ( Camillians) specifically catering to candidates from the northeastern region of India. Located in a serene and conducive environment, St. Camillus Nivas serves as a center for the initial formation of individuals who aspire to become members of the Camillian Order.

The primary purpose of St. Camillus Nivas is to provide a comprehensive and holistic formation program to prepare candidates for their future mission of healthcare ministry and the care of the sick. The seminary aims to cultivate the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth of these individuals, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to serve God’s people with compassion, excellence, and professionalism.

At St. Camillus Nivas, the candidates undergo a rigorous and structured formation program that includes spiritual formation, pastoral experiences, and practical training in healthcare settings. Additionally, spiritual formation plays a vital role at St. Camillus Nivas, with candidates being encouraged to deepen their personal relationship with God through prayer, meditation, reflection, and participation in daily Mass and the sacraments. They are guided by experienced spiritual directors who help them discern their vocation and develop a strong foundation of faith.

Practical training is also a significant component of the formation program at St. Camillus Nivas. Candidates have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and hospices, under the guidance of experienced Camillian healthcare professionals. This practical exposure helps them develop the necessary skills, empathy, and sensitivity required to serve the sick and suffering.

St. Camillus Nivas creates a supportive and nurturing community environment where candidates from the northeast of India can find companionship, mutual support, and encouragement on their vocational journey. They are mentored by qualified and experienced formators who help them navigate the challenges and joys of their formation process.

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