Regent's Meeting

December 3rd 2023.

The Virtual meet of all the regents of St. Camillus Province, India was held on Sunday, December 3rd 2023. There were nine participants for the meeting; Fr. Bijoy, the Provincial, St. Camillus Province, India; Fr. Jofree, the animator of all the professed members; Bro. Matthews Marian Matthew; Bro. Binod Kumar Dungdung; Bro. George; Bro. Nishan R.; Bro. Alwin Minz; Bro. Abinash Kujur; and Bro. Silarson Bey. The meeting began at 9:30 am. The meeting began with a prayer, led by Bro. Nishan. Fr. Jofree, the animator and moderator of the meeting, welcomed the gathering and acknowledged the esteemed presence of those gathered both physically and virtually. Fr. Bijoy, the Provincial, St. Camillus Province India, gave the provincial address. In his address, he acknowledged the hard works of all the regents and for their selfless service in the communities where they are serving. He also encouraged the regents to be faithful to the commitment they have professed, and grow in human, spiritual, intellectual. He also urged them to grow more in the community way of living and develop interpersonal relationships with all the members. The Regents of all the communities also shared their experiences at the gathering. They expressed their feelings, concerns, contributions to the communities they are serving, and the challenges they faced. The final remarks of all the sharings were remarked by Fr. Bijoy the Provincial, St. Camillus Province, India. In his remarks, he thanked all the regents for their service rendering to the communities and their availability to the needs of the community. He also reminds them that “the presence of a regent to the community itself is a great contribution. ” Finally, he also exhorted them to be faithful to the duties that are assigned to them and be the example to others, and not to forget that we all have a commitment. Fr. Jofree, the animator of the professed members also asked all the regents to promote more vocation to the order, wherever they may and to grow more in human qualities and to be the example after Jesus Christ our Lord.

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