St.Camillus College (Eluru)

St: Camillus College; a house of Formation and specifically meant for the formation of the Philosophy candidates. We have given specific priority to the spiritual exercises in our life, the core foundation of our strength. We begin the day with the specified prayers church, Eucharistic adoration, meditation and the Eucharistic celebration. We do examine our conscience at noon, and every day, we have evening prayers, Spiritual reading, bible reading and rosary. On Wednesdays, we have Camillian Community prayers and Bible Sharing Meditation. The community has its regular community meetings every month, and monthly recollection on the last Friday of the month. On Saturdays, we have solemn rosary and on the third Friday of every month we conduct in the Way of the Cross to remember and experience the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Students go to the Parish for Mass on the third Sunday of the month. The community also participates in the liturgical activities arranged by the campus forum.

Holistic Formation:-
As this house is for the integral formation of the candidate, we give priority for the personal development of the each candidate. Therefore this year we took class on and sexuality. The students are allowed to make and attend calls from their family, friends and relatives on Sundays. The students, apart from their busy study schedule, are given ample opportunities for leisure by way of outings, picnic, games, etc. They are also given the chance to cook food on every Sunday and thereby giving one day off for cooking staff. Students also express their talents in other cultural, literary and sports events during various occasions, especially during the home day competitions and celebration. Our students had actively participated in the cultural and sports activities in the college and number of the won prizes in different items. The candidates are also given chances to qualify themselves to be a public speaker and so they give reflections during Holy Mass on all the week days except on Sunday. The students have regular morning and evening duties at home. They have games every day after the gardening for one hour. And after the games, they go for bath, reading practice, studies and for the evening prayers thereafter. All the students actively involve themselves in all the activities of the Community. The rector and administrator are always available for the students at any time during their formation. Students also actively participate in the faming activities and produce necessary vegetables for the house maintenance. As the part of formation, the Rector meets the students as a group and personally once a month for the guidance. Peer evaluation method is introduced to help the students to evaluate their companions and it is supervised.

Fr. Patrick Nayak M I, Superior and Rector
Fr. Adithya Kurella ,Vice Rector and Administrator

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St. Camillus College,
Janampet Post, Vijayaraj
Eluru, W.G District
Andhra Pradesh – 534475
Ph : 0881297480

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